Some Saw Models and Specs

The mobile tabletop circular saws with the integrated frame are extremely lightweight and are mounted and disassembled in a few seconds. Heart of the specially developed mobility concept is the frame that includes the translation mechanism fully integrated into the frame. Thanks to the compact design, circular table saws can be saved by saving space, placing one hand in the car and easily climbing the stairs. On the sturdy hard rubber wheels, you can comfortably pull the circular table saw like a trolley to the place of application. Keep reading if you want some tips on how to choose a good saw.

With this, Metabo’s circular table saw sets new standards in mobility.The frame of the circular table saw can be deployed in a few seconds to a table with 80 cm of working height. As a floor planner and tiler, you can choose a second work height near the ground of 35.5 centimeters. If the lower working height is sufficient, you can also purchase the circular table saw as TS 216 Floor without a frame on wheels.


With the powerful motors of the tabletop circular saws TS 216 and TS 254 with an absorbed rated power of 1,500 and 2,000 watts, it advances rapidly even with a maximum cutting height of 63 or 87 millimeters. In 45-degree miter cuts, circular table saws achieve a cutting height of 43 or 50 millimeters. Soft start and overload protection provide maximum safety and long motor life of tabletop circular saws. Other practical details make it easier to work and increase productivity: toolless spindle stopping and tool insert also removable without tool simplify the changing of the saw blade on the circular table saw.

The TKHS models, with rated power absorbed up to 4,200 watts, are ideally suited for power sawing squared timber, planks, boards and wood-like materials. With the easy-going crank, you can adjust the height of the saw blade on the circular hand saw from 0 to 85 millimeters continuously. The universal stop can be used as an angular and parallel stop from -60 ° to + 60 °. Extremely accurate cutting results are achieved thanks to the magnetic guide.

Technological Breakthroughs of 2017

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Pokemon Go, Snapchat. RA and the RV are carving out an increasingly bigger place. According to many experts, the market is now ready for this type of technology and 2017 will be the year when we will see virtual versions of virtually everything, with the marketing opportunities that go with it.

Automatic learning (AI)

Commonly called “machine learning”, it will probably be one of the most important buzzwords of 2017. The recent sophistication of artificial intelligence technologies now allows systems to learn for themselves from data they collect. This is not a science fiction, it is a major technological breakthrough in recent years, which has for example led to the very significant improvement of automated translation services.

Whether it is a good or a bad thing, many experts predict the demise in the medium term of entire trades. Maybe it will not happen in 2017, but maybe it will be the year when the trend will get worse. Some sectors will be hit more quickly than others, for example the financial sector. Citygroup, among others, predicts that within 10 years, 30% of banking jobs will be automated.


Something that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago: four out of five consumers now use their smartphones to make purchases. The motive is more and more omnipresent in the acts of our daily life. One of the biggest trends ahead, according to journalists, will also be the shift of an increasing number of employees to work remotely with the new mobility tools. Working from home (or from around the world!) Could soon become a reality for a growing number of people disenchanted by transportation and 9 to 5. With all the mobile phones it’s important that you know how to avoid getting hacked because technology is getting more complex an criminal organizations are taking advantage.

Solutions To Kitchen Odours

1. White vinegar

In addition to cleaning the kettle and kitchen faucets, white vinegar is also very effective in removing fish, cheese, frying, cruciferous or even burned odors from our kitchen. To do this, simply boil a little vinegar on the fire: the vapors released will capture the bad odors in 5 minutes!

2. Orange peels

To prevent the smells of all the dishes that are prepared remain in the kitchen or spread throughout the house, there is a radical technique: peel an orange, and put its peels to heat in an average oven for a few minutes. After that, our kitchen will be delicately perfumed, yum!

3. The Lemon

When our kitchen finds it difficult to get rid of the smells of dishes cooked there, there is a simple trick: in a saucepan, warm water, as well as a little lemon juice and A few cloves. And without the cloves, this trick also works to deodorize a microwave.

4. Sodium bicarbonate

It is well known that bicarbonate of soda has a strong capacity to absorb odors. That’s why when we have stored a lot of food in our fridge and the latter starts to give off unpleasant smells, do not hesitate to place in a small dish filled with baking soda. In a few hours, it will have absorbed all the smells!


5. Coffee grounds

In a kitchen, the coffee grounds can have 2 utilities. Small one: once dry, like bicarbonate, it has no equal to deodorize the refrigerator. Small two: when our pipes smell bad and stink the kitchen, a little coffee grounds in the piping, hot water and hop, the marc will eliminate the residues present in the pipes, and let go the bad odors of the same stroke !

6. Thyme

After having cooked a good dish, it is possible that the smell has difficulty to leave. To help it a little, one will boil 500 ml of water in which one will have poured 2 tablespoons of thyme (fresh or dried). After that, the bad odors will be a distant and smelly memory!

7. A steel sink

Unbelievable but true: when, after having cooked fish, our hands are coated with the smell, so that it leaves easily, we must rub our hands against the walls of our stainless steel sink! Yes, stainless steel is ideal for removing this odor. A good steel kitchen faucet is the Kohler Bellera kitchen faucet.

8. Lavender essential oil

To remove bad odors from the kitchen and scent the room pleasantly, we can also place a small cup in our kitchen, in which we put a cotton soaked with a few drops of essential oil of lavender (or eucalyptus).