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Hello Everyone – especially my IRS fraud victim peers.

We all know what time it is don’t we?  Its tax return filing time.  Some of us have been fortunate enough to have received the tax return dividends we had ripped from up under our noses last year and some of us unfortunately have not.

If your tax return was stolen last year and you’ve been able to stay on the IRS’ ass, then you may have received your IRS PIN number.  If you haven’t, then you need to get back on their ass and ride them like untamed mare until they send you your pin number.  I got mine in December just as they promised.  I’m hoping that this will rectify the issue of some idiotic thief being able to steal my tax return another year.

The good news is (or at least it seems that way) that with this IRS PIN number, you should be able to file your return electronically.  I’m almost afraid to do it electronically, but what the hell, after all the research I’ve done on the whole IRS electronic filing process it seems like its not the initial electronic process that’s responsible for your or my tax return being stolen, its more or less the fact that the IRS has not taken the proper steps to review and verify tax payers documentation before winding out a check – and its not that they never verify it, its that they send out the checks first and then verify the information six months down the road.  In other words, the IRS policies help fuel tax return fraud.

You can even request a IRS PIN number for electronic filing of future returns even if you haven’t been a victim of fraud.

So here I go with my little PIN number in my hand and with hope in my heart ready to file my tax return electronically.  Wish me luck and the same goes out to you.  I will keep you updated as to how my situation turns out.  If you’d like to read more about how I managed to finally got my 2011 stolen tax return, you can find that in a previous post.

And for your entertainment:  This thing (woman or whatever you want to call it) was able to get 2.1 million dollars in money from the IRS using TurboTax as a tool for identity theft.  An IRS employee approved the refund!  Go figure!  How she got caught?  Turns out it “she” lost the credit card with all the money loaded onto it and applied for a replacement (shaking my head).

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Katrina Parker

    In 2011, someone filed a tax return in my name and it took me up until Oct 2012 to get my refund. I was advised that my SS# was flagged and that I would rec’v a pin to put on my 2012 tax return, so the IRS would know that it was really me filing. I did end up rec’v my pin in Dec and thought that everything would be ok when it was time for my to file. I was also advised by the IRS that I would be able to e-file as well. So, I e-filed my return today and rec’v a email that it was rejected because my AGI was wrong. I provided the AGI from my real tax return that was sent to the IRS. I am not sure what’s going on. This whole situation has been a complete nightmare. A person’s identity has already been taken and that person has to suffer and keep suffering. I really need my money! I will be calling the IRS in the morning to see if they can help me. I doubt it! I will come back and post the outcome. Good luck to everyone.

    • Leslie

      I’m having same issue…called IRS three times got three diff answers
      First agent said paper file because agi will not be recongnized only the fake return agi will.

      Second agent said with the pin you am enter zero

      Third agent said the 6 digit pin and the correct agi is all you need

      Filed yesterday. Waiting to hear if accepted. At least of we send paper we still may see refund by end of month since still early…
      Of anyone has success please
      Keep me posted!!!

      • Angela Beasley

        Leslie, your third answer sounds right to me. However, receiving your refund right away sounds pretty far-fetched. I don’t like to base my beliefs on hearsay, but from what I am hearing through the media, there will probably be tax refund delays this year – especially with all the identity theft issues the IRS is still dealing with from last year. All of us want our refunds quickly, but I think most of us are also hoping the IRS is going to take more time to verify the information submitted to them so that we wont become repeat victims of the same nightmare again this year – that would be the logical thing to do. I hope everything works out in your favor and thanks for writing!

      • Ly

        My boyfriends taxes just got approved. When he got his identity stolen they sent him a transcript, I had to use the incorrect AGI from the report. It was rejected with the correct number and also with the AGI of “0”. His return was accepted 01/30/12. There is also a post about it on TurboTax

    • Angela Beasley

      Hello Katrina, Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry to hear that you were a victim of identity theft and are continuing to go through hell. I would love to hear more about what the IRS said to you when you called them about your situation. This my first time hearing about a rejection due to an incorrect AGI (adjusted gross income). Keep us posted!

    • victim

      HELLO everyone! I can’t tell you guys how good it feels to know that I’m not going through this mess alone. 2012 taxes were the first taxes i ever filled and i found out someone had used my social and filled taxes. And my r taxes would be delayed. It was delayed 6 months before i got smart and called the identify people and let them know the hard times i was having and they sent my check within the next week. I was like man if i would have known to do that sooner i would have. Now this year started offbadi lost the pin they sent. I had to call the irs 5 times and was hung up on twice before i finally got answers, they had me upset and in tears. Good luck ladies and hopefully we don’t have to long of delays

  2. Paul

    Was anybody told the same thing? My refund was delayed 7 months last year, I was a victim of identity theft. Then I was told for this year I was getting a PIN from the IRS. I never got the PIN. So I called them and ask them why I didn’t I get the PIN, and their response was: you don’t qualify for one! I call them so many times and they never gave me one. At last they told me I need to file by mail because last year I was a victim of fraud. I almost e file this year but I didn’t thinking if I did the IRS might delay my refund again!

    • Angela Beasley

      Paul, Did you go through the whole “identity theft” process of filing an affidavit, etc.? I am guessing you did because you stated that you were told that you would receive a PIN. Did you ever receive anything in writing saying that they would send you a PIN or did they just tell you that over the phone? If you received paperwork saying they would send you a PIN and you still have that paperwork, I would call them back and tell them that you will fax them proof of their claim to send you a PIN.

  3. Trista

    Wow! I’m so glad I have found this blog! We tried to file our taxes through turbo tax Friday 2/1/2013 and we were rejected because my husbands social had already been used on another return! After talking to two turbo tax employees I was told that my husbands identity had been stolen. Someone used his name, bday, and ss#. I was told to call the irs immediately (they were closed, so I couldn’t call) I’ve spent all weekend online researching this kind of theft! I’m completely shocked and scared to death! I honestly cannot even think straight and I’m sick on my stomach! How can this happen?!

    • Angela Beasley

      Hello Trista, Thank you for writing. Sorry to hear about what happened to you and your husband. Identity theft can happen a million ways. An IRS worker can steal your social security number, someone working at your husband’s place of employment can steal his information, someone can hack into a financial institutions database and steal your identity, a thief can go through your mail and steal your information, someone you know can sell someone else your information, someone at a government office such as the driver’s license office, etc. can steal you or your husband’s identity. And there are a million other ways it can happen to you. I think you get the picture. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is begin to pick up the pieces and take the necessary steps towards getting a replacement for your stolen tax return and recovering your husband’s identity. You are going to need to contact the IRS, fill out an affidavit, put a fraud alert on his credit and a few other things which you can find on a previous article of mine “How to report identity theft”. I hope this helps! Good Luck with everything.

  4. Brian

    I am going through the same thing right now. The AGI from MY return is getting rejected. Called the IRS and she wouldn’t give the AGI from the fraudulant return stating it would be a bad idea to use it… She said I would probably have to paper file :( There has to be a better way around this?

    • Angela Beasley

      Hello Brian, I don’t know if you saw Keith’s response today, but he said that he used AGI that the thief used to submit his return and was able to submit hit return electronically and even received an acceptance notification today. Hope the same works for you! Thanks for writing.

    • Sherrika

      Identity theft 2011 tax season was crazy. Didn’t think i would receive my refund. But i did 10/12.. I was told after my account completion i wasn’t assign a pin. Jan 12 i called with the same question again, the same applied. I filed my taxes on Jan 28. I couldn’t submit it, due to not having a pin. Called them again,they provided one. Wow. Proceeded with my refund .it was acknowledge on Jan 29.i still havent got a response. I called back Fri Jan 8th irs say they dont know whats going on, to call Mon the 11th. In the mail today i got a id pin in from the irs which is different from the first one. I truly believe the theft is coming from the irs..

      • Trista

        Wow! I honestly believe that the IRS has NO IDEA what they are doing! They released a statement Friday on how they are “cracking down on identity theft for 2013″ yeah righ!! Ugh! Makes me sick. From what I understand you have to keep calling, and calling, and calling and MAYBE (just maybe) you might get someone who knows what they are doing! So sad! Something has to be done to fix this mess. They are the IRS for goodness sake! They can access your bank account, take money from your payroll check before you even get paid BUT they can’t figure out who they are giving money to! Makes no sense at all!

  5. Keith

    Hello everyone,

    I am in the same boat. Finally received my 2011 return last week. I did not receive the identity theft protection pin (6 digits) in the mail, but was able to get it from my assigned case worker over the phone.

    My return too was getting rejected for in correct AGI. I called 800-829-1049 options 2,7. I reached a representative that secured my account and provided me with the AIG the person who took my id filed with last year. I submitted my return again. I will come back and post if gets accepted or not.

  6. Tiffany

    I too was a victim of identity theft last year as well. Went to Efile, but kept getting rejected due to incorrect AGI. Called the IRS, they would not give me the correct AGI, because they have the theft’s agi from last year on record. I did the theft’s IP PIN from last year they used. So, i tried again using the my personal Id(the one that the irs sent me) and the IP PIN from last year(the one that son-of a b****) used and you know what, It got accepted. I just feel so bad for us and whoever else is going thru this. It is horrible!! I hope and pray everything goes right for everyone! Will keep you updated. I got accepted 1/31 and WMR says it is still processing.

    • Angela Beasley

      Hello Tiffany, You sound frustrated and you should be. From what I understand, we have the option of entering last year’s AGI or a PIN which can be obtained on or by:

      I’m glad to hear your return was finally accepted. Thank you for posting and be sure and update us as to whether everything works out for you.

  7. Trista

    Well, we mailed out return in just like we were told. So, now I guess it’s gonna be a waiting game for us. From what I read it looks as tho we will be waiting at least a year for our refund. The IRS representative told me that they had to finish ALL the identity tax fraud cases from last year before they can even start on the ones from this year!

    • Angela Beasley

      Trista, Interesting – so its February 2013 and they haven’t even caught up with the cases from last year. I definitely hope you get your refund sooner than later. Thanks for the update!

  8. Tiffany

    Hi! I thought this may be helpful to you since i had to go thru this last year. I had to get a tax advocate,which helped me out so much.
    The advocate will help you get your refund back faster. I got my refund back in July of last year,so i did have to wait. He worked with me thru the whole process,kept me informed of what was going on. I hope this helps and know you are not alone in this.

    • Trista

      Well I called the tax payer advocate and she did tell me that I had to be suffering a financial hardship before she would help me. Her exact word were “call us back when you are suffering a financial hardship”

  9. Trista

    Thanks! I will try them! I did hear about the taxpayer advocate service but I was told they will only help you if you are experiencing extreme financial hardship. But, if they helped you I will absolutely try them! Thanks!

    • Angela Beasley

      Hello Cynthia, I do not believe they will give you one over the phone. However, I would call them at this number and ask: 1-866-704-7388. I tried to find an answer for you, but could not find a definite yes or no anywhere. Good Luck!

  10. Sherri

    Yes, they will provide you a new one but I was warned I didn’t want to do that bc My return would be flagged and questioned why I needed a replacement and would take up to 180 plus days. You can go to the IRS page and request your pin and it will give you the one they originally mailed but if you answer any of the questions incorrectly you’ll be locked out of the system which I was ugh!!! here’s the link hope you have better luck then I am.

  11. dan

    how do i know if a pin is already filed…i try to file last year and it says my pin is filed already am trying to make a double submit…and i have not filed…how do i know a pin is already filed…any service to know?

  12. Joe


    You’re right on the money saying that they will give you a replacement IP PIN over the phone. My wife had identity theft in 2011 and we received our 2012 return 2 months before we ever received our 2011 return.
    We were told after they finally resolved her identify theft claim that she would receive an IP PIN that must be used on all of our future tax returns, but we never received one.
    I recently tried to file electronically but the IRS rejected the filing because we didn’t put in her IP PIN that they never sent to us in the first place. So I tried several times to get her original PIN from the website you posted above, but each time I entered the required information, it would say that the information was entered incorrectly and after 3 times would lock your account for 24 hours.
    I called the IRS and they verified the info I was entering was correct, but had no idea why it wouldn’t let me get the original PIN number.
    Now I have no clue what to do. I understand that since I am the primary filer on our taxes, that I can file by mail and not have to supply her IP PIN at all. Not sure if that’s true though, even though it says it is on the IRS website. But I’d hate to have to wait 180 days and possibly more if I use the replacement PIN. Funny though, because of the 4 people I’ve talked to at the IRS so far this year to help resolve this issue, none of them could tell me how long it would take if I used the replacement PIN.
    Excuse my french, but if the IRS would just give me some information on who may have stole my wife’s identity in the first place it would make me a much happier disgruntled taxpayer to pay them a visit and kick their thieving a$$.

  13. Shannon

    I went to the irs site to retain my pin and I put in all the correct info. In and it is still saying its not matching. I dnt understand what’s going on why am I not able to get my pin???

    • Angela Beasley

      Denise, Thanks for writing. The only people who know the answer to the question is the IRS – there is no exact answer to that question and it varies depending on your set of circumstances. You will need to call the IRS.

  14. mk

    @denise same here.I was received on the 5th.I wasn’t even informed that it would b delayed whenn I was givin an ip pin over phone.when I calld again bc it was still processing a week later that’s when they told me.I’m so mad.1st I’m the victim nd u take me through this but it was easy for the irs to give a refund to whoever stole my identity! I calld today and a rude lady said 6 to 8 weeks to validate its my return. I just hung up and been googlin it person said days weeks or months while others say MONTHS.then wat makes me really mad is I found my original ip pin.idk wat to do bc I really need MY money

  15. Lois

    Hi everyone, I am experiencing the same issues. I received a ippin but misplaced it and had to call the irs and ask for another one. I got it from the rep over the phone. I tried to get it online butto no avail. I put in all the correct info but it told me that my info was incorrect and as the others said it locked me out. I dont think it will give you an original pin. The rep gave me a replacement pin. He did tell me it may hold up my return. I efiled my returned 21 days . Where is my return says its still processing. My question is how long will it take? I am going to call the irs tomorrow. Will let everyone know what they say.

  16. mk

    Hi lois
    I called a tax advocate yesterday to give my info and is expecting a call by wed next week.if u r goin through a hard time then they can help u get ur refund faster if its being delayed bc of the replacement ip pin.they get in contact with the person assigned to ur refund.give them a call 18772758271.I. hope they can help me

  17. Elaine

    My husband’s id was used fraudulently to file 2013 . I agree with the other writer: The IRS doesn’t mind giving the victim the run around while the thief spends our money; I suppose they are too busy auditing people they don’t like. However, the government won’t get any more of our money ahead of time; I found this link that calculates exactly what we will owe in 2015 (based on my current knowledge.) Also, if my health insurance gets cancelled, Sam won’t be able to deduct the 1% from my refund since I won’t be getting a refund.

  18. Jessica

    I too was a victim of identity theft. I filed 2/11/2014 . I’ve gotten no luck, but today I called the advocate number as well, Shannon told me that they just reviewed my refund on 3/31/2014 and should have a DR date as of next week. Yay..key word should. Lol

  19. LaToya

    Efiled my taxes in early February only to find out someone used my ss# so it was rejected. Was instructed to mail in a paper form but took them more than 2 weeks to mark it as received 3/8. Waited over a month and then called but wasn’t given much information other than “we have everything neededand wait up to 180 days for Id theft investigation.” I called a TA, faxed all info requested and was told she’ll give an update in 2 weeks but hope to have this issue resolved by June 30th. *Sigh* This has been a stressful journey but all I can do is wait!

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