IRS Tax Return Fraud 2012 – The Shits Finally Hitting the Fan

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Forget about millions, we are now looking at Billions in tax payer’s money gone to criminals.  Mind you, the billion amount has a big fat “S” on the end of it!

Shit hitting the Fan

A very interesting article titled “Identity thieves will rake in billions in stolen tax refunds this year” at states that, “For the past five years, the IRS has received negative audits from the Government Accountability Office for ongoing security weaknesses that could compromise sensitive taxpayer information” -  some of these statements were from the prepared testimony of J. Russell George, the Treasury Department inspector general for tax administration himself.

This article goes on to say that a significantly greater amount of returns based on false income get through than the amount prevented and/or detected by the IRS.  And that many of these false returns or fraudulent returns are forged by IRS employees.

And damn,  “The IRS does not analyze much data from identity theft cases for patterns that could be followed to prevent future refund fraud.”

All I can say is “Nice” and Really?

Not to mention, their (IRS) computer vulnerabilities are deplorable.

More about that gem here:  IRS plagued by computer vulnerabilities five consecutive years

Read and download the last two IRS audits for yourself: (click on link and a new page will open then click link a second time to save or open for viewing)

  1. 2012 Report to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue
  2. 2011 Report to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue

You’ve got to read this article by: By Aliya Sternstein 04/19/2012 (well you don’t have to, but its very informative)

There’s your tax dollars working for you!

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  1. CHEVY

    hello my name is shavonne and I just found out yesterday that in 2012 I was a victim of identity theft. I filled my taxes this year and I am taking a longer than average time to get my funds so after weeks of the IRS telling my tax preparer that my check is still processing that yesterday she was able to speak to a supervisor for me and that is when she was told that my check is taking so long because in 2012 i was a victim of identity theft. On 045-16-2012 I walked into an H&R block on east 4th street in nyc (which I wish i would have never done). I have heard about people having problems with H&R block before. I got audited by the state but never received my federal check. I also signed a paper at H&R block saying that the cost to do my taxes (the charge from H&R block) would be automatically taken out of my tax return. But then like a month later received a letter from H&R block saying that I owe H&R block $511.00 for the fee of my taxes being prepared But I never got my return.This does not seem right to me. I spoke to aomeone from the irs and asked her aboutr my refund for this year and I said well since I have u on the line let me ask about my 2012 taxes i filled and i never received that check she looked she took my info again looked some stuff up and said u never filled a return in 2012 for 2011 I said how is that possible when I have all the paper work till this day i need so much help on this situation the first thing is who do I call

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